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The annoying thoughts and happenings of a random person

Or: A Professional Obsessionist

Fur and lathering in the farmyard
10 December 1986
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I’m Rebecca.
I’m pretty awesome.
If you don’t know me, please go away.
If you do, thanks for stopping by.
I’m married to Dennis.
I have two Siberian Huskies.
I have two ferrets.
Pets rule my waking hours.
I love to shop.
I love vacations.
I have over 150 pairs of shoes (addict? yes.)
I live in Florence.
I drive a Corolla (go me with my fuel-efficient self).
I live in a duplex.
I HATE the South.
I just bought my first house!
I have a friends only journal.
If you want to be added, tell me why.
If I want to add you back, I will.
If not, you get the idea.
I like starting sentences with the letter “I”.
If you couldn’t already tell.

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